Image of Commission Guidelines & 50% Deposits

Commission Guidelines & 5...

Image of Mushrooms - Laccaria Amethystina

Mushrooms - Laccaria Amet...

Image of Opossum Joey (Print)

Opossum Joey (Print)

$12.00 | On Sale
Image of Heron & Skeleton Key Journal

Heron & Skeleton Key Journal

Image of Stickers #1

Stickers #1

Image of Cecropia Moth

Cecropia Moth

Image of BLM Sticker (free with donation to Southern Fried Queer Pride)

BLM Sticker (free with do...

Image of Red Fox, Black Raven,  Rattlesnake & Ginkgo Leaves

Red Fox, Black Raven, Ra...

$15.00 | On Sale
Image of Create Your Own Sticker Pack (Sticker Sale!)

Create Your Own Sticker P...

$3.00 | On Sale
Image of Two Octopuses in Kelp Forest

Two Octopuses in Kelp Forest

Image of The Prettiest (Prints $15)

The Prettiest (Prints $15)

Image of Spring Print & Sticker Pack!

Spring Print & Sticker Pack!

Image of Blank Journal w/Octopus Cover Art

Blank Journal w/Octopus C...

Image of Portrait of a Girl

Portrait of a Girl

Image of Winter Rabbit in Birch Forest

Winter Rabbit in Birch Fo...

Image of Kissing Red Fox Cubs (Print)

Kissing Red Fox Cubs (Print)

Image of Mountain Opossum

Mountain Opossum

Image of Two Foxes Valentines Day Card

Two Foxes Valentines Day ...

Image of Fox in Fall Leaves 🍁

Fox in Fall Leaves 🍁

Image of Mountain Opossum Sticker

Mountain Opossum Sticker

Image of Framed Luna Moth

Framed Luna Moth

Image of Red Fox & Luna Moth

Red Fox & Luna Moth

$15.00 | On Sale
Image of Framed Red Foxes

Framed Red Foxes

Image of Tattoo Ticket (Sliding Scale!)

Tattoo Ticket (Sliding Sc...

Image of Chupacabra Sticker

Chupacabra Sticker

Image of Nest (print)

Nest (print)

Image of Blue Bird with Redbud Branches

Blue Bird with Redbud Bra...

Image of Black Bear of Panthertown Valley

Black Bear of Panthertown...

Image of Small Framed Bug Prints

Small Framed Bug Prints

Image of Screech Owl

Screech Owl

Image of Great Blue Heron & Skeleton Key Print

Great Blue Heron & Skelet...

Image of Brown Bat (Print)

Brown Bat (Print)

Image of Brown Bat

Brown Bat

Image of Barred Owl Print 🦉

Barred Owl Print 🦉

Image of Fire Salamander (Original $200)

Fire Salamander (Original...

Image of Fall Stickers (Pack or Individual!)

Fall Stickers (Pack or In...

Image of Luna Moth

Luna Moth

Image of Fire Salamander Sticker 🔥

Fire Salamander Sticker 🔥

Image of Honey Bee

Honey Bee

Image of Framed Brown Bat

Framed Brown Bat

Image of Peony, Gladiolus, Lily of the Valley & Poppy

Peony, Gladiolus, Lily of...

Image of Swallowtail Butterfly

Swallowtail Butterfly

Image of Insect Stickers 🦋 🐝 🐞

Insect Stickers 🦋 🐝 🐞

Image of Luna Moth Sticker

Luna Moth Sticker

Image of Breath of Fire

Breath of Fire

Image of Baby Skunk Sticker

Baby Skunk Sticker

Image of 5” x 5” poplar frames

5” x 5” poplar frames

Image of 8” x 8” Print Sale!

8” x 8” Print Sale!

Image of Rhinoceros Beetle

Rhinoceros Beetle

Image of Taily Po

Taily Po

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