Image of Kissing Foxes 5" x  5" print

Kissing Foxes 5" x 5" print

$15.00 - $25.00

***NOTE: My Web Shop is currently in Road Trip Mode (from 8/28/2021 until 10/3/2021 - maybe longer!) I will have a limited selection of stickers and prints available and will be sending a hand-written note and maybe even a post card with your orders from whatever town I happen to be in when I get them! Thank you for supporting an artist 🖤***

Did you wash your paws today? Love in the time of Corona, as we are all saying these days...

Pen, Ink & Watercolor on paper. The original of this drawing is still available! (Select in drop-down menu.)

All prints are made with archival, all-natural, recycled cold-press paper & archival ink.

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