Image of Opossum Joey (Print)

Opossum Joey (Print)

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Print of original pen & ink drawing printed on acid free high quality fine art paper. 5" x 5"

One summer evening while I was alone, sitting on the floor watching an episode of Twin Peaks on the projector in my (at the time) attic bedroom in Asheville, NC, I was visited by this small creature. She sat on the pillow next to me, unafraid and seemingly transfixed by the flashing lights. I let her stay with me for a while and eventually she fell asleep in my sock basket. Before bed I picked her up by the tail and put her back out on the roof where she presumably came from before entering my bedroom window. Did you know that opossums do not carry rabies because their body temperature is too low to support the virus? They also eat ticks and other nuisance bugs, so next time you see one of these guys thank him for cleaning up your yard!

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